„Telefonzelle“, with Horst-Jens Olé, at Hauptplatz, Graz (AT), during Styria A.I.R., 2016

prototyping / stage design

Our telephone booth is a travelling stage for interactive theatre pieces. The phone box rings and thus offers the possibility of a truly anonymous conversation: the callers cannot see the person picking up the phone, they are always somewhere else. The phone box rings at the traffic junction between bus stops, in the park, at the crossroads, in the pedestrian zone, in front of the church. All these places had one thing in common: the ringing was answered. And the courage and curiosity it takes to go to a ringing phone box activated our conversation partners. It’s hard to believe that being taken by surprise creates openness and a sense of community. Whatever texts or dialogue opportunities we have tried out and made, we have encountered a great desire to talk to each other. A valuable asset in today’s world.

As Jens of Horst-Jens Olé (Sophie Diesselhorst, Lena Gätjens, Judith Bohle).


2014 as part of „Standing on the shoulders of Giants Parcours“
2016 in the frame of Styria A.I.R. in Graz
2017 at Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf

„Telefonzelle“, Graz 2016, photos: Horst-Jens Olé, Janning Kahnert

Video Trailer „Telefonzelle“

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