Concert for 3756 Light Instruments

art in architecture

Concert for 3756 light instruments
(Konzert für 3756 Lichtzeuge)
Art in Architecture project in Funkstation, facility for family, kids and youth, Munich, 1st prize for realization in the competition, finalized 2017
as part of the collective 333

Multi-part installation
Interplay of different individual installations: Schauzeug (sign moving with the wind), Farbzeug (CMYK graphics integrated into 3-fold glazing), Spiegelzeug (fully laminated mirror foil), Verformzeug (playable lenses), Detailzeug (periscope), Unsichtbarzeug (perforated metal wall)
Materials: Print on PVB film integrated in the windows, laminated mirror film, perforated sheet, stainless steel, glass, lenses

Concert for 3576 light instruments encourages us to imagine the earth as part of the solar system, and to see oneself as a small inhabitant in the vastness of the universe.
The light instruments, who are smaller than the self, have the opposite effect and they direct the imagination towards the world that is to be discovered in detail. We compare the experience of light instruments with a walk through a forest.
In the atmosphere of the forest, the feeling of being part of a larger whole comes to the fore. The forest calms the visitor, although it is not quiet, everything lives and moves around you.

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