Cloudy Predictions

Cloudy Predictions / Cirrus installation view in Gallmannsegg (AT) Lena Gätjens with Christina Helena Romirer


by Christina Helena Romirer and Lena Gätjens
installations in public space
in the frame of ‘22 „Digital Framework“
Triale, Gallmannsegg, AT

Determining and observing cloud shapes serves as an aid to weather forecasting and planning navigation. In observing cloud shapes, we can give free rein to our imagination. The beauty of chance in cloud formations is impressive, as each cloud is ephemeral and unique, lasting only a few seconds.
Five exemplary types of cloud shapes were recreated as cyanotypes with found objects from nature in Gallmannsegg and positioned as flags in the wind.
In the text, we connect the complex contexts in which clouds form and what they may predict with fragments that we have torn associatively from the context of our built environment and the crises taking place in it.

Cumulus / Cloudy Predictions, Postcard with text as part of the installation
Installation, Photos & Texts: Christina Helena Romirer and Lena Gätjens

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