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The world is falling apart, so is my website. It served as a portfolio and archive for my projects. Time will tell and re-organization follows, I am working on it together with schulergätjens.

Here is a little clip of the projection for public space of „Trying to think something new“ by On Public Gallery, Sopot, PL in August ’20. Works with unmeasurement / plusoumoinscirque Productions, live-projections with a self built movable projection table, costumes, stage design, performance. Works as one 3 of 333 – a light art collective that creates Art-in-Public and in-Architecture projects with both daylight and artificial light. With Horst-Jens Olé we sometimes (used to) appear with a mobile telephone booth in the public space that we set up and let it ring to provoke honest and truly anonymous conversations, the TELEFONZELLE.

Landing on Planet B, site-specific kinetic installation in public space, together with Paul Pritz, for the group exhibition at Schlossberg Stollen, Graz, July ’20 – March ’21 (Foto: Karin Lernbeiss)

Since 2013 Lena Gätjens works primarily as a multidisciplinary artist. The work integrates, among other things, (natural or artificial) light in the form of installation or projection, as well as drawings and objects (props).
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