Lena Gätjens

Lena Gätjens works as a lighting, stage and costume designer for independent theatres and film productions, as well as lighting in architectural contexts. As a multidisciplinary (light) artist she works on site-specific installations, art-on-building projects and interventions in public space. Her installations and sculptures are often designed to be touchable or usable. The focus of the often collectively created works lies in the participatory, in the public space, in the intervention in everyday life.

The alternation of micro- and macro-view, which she has internalized as a stage designer, continues in her dealings with light and seeing. Her light installations and objects (often) move on a human scale, want to be approachable, remind us of something we know, or draw on fragments of everyday life.

To artistically fathom the interconnectedness of seeing, perceiving and light is usually the beginning of the site- or material-specific works. The starting point for her works is often an ephemeral moment of perception or seeing, a detail that she extracts and presents as an autonomous sculpture or installation. In reconciling the subjective with the views of others, we practice respect and recognition. The potential of art forms in public space is to affect the everyday life of those who pass by.

collective works

Lena Gätjens works as one 3 of 333 – a light art collective that creates art-in-public and art-in-architecture projects with both daylight and artificial light. They are currently planning the construction of a new organ for the Zionskirche, Berlin.

With POMC (Plus ou moins cirque) she develops since 2016 the site specific performance series UNMEASUREMENT. The show FELDMESSUNG/ ARPENTAGE/ SURVEYING emerged as a follow-up project. It is a show for people from 3 years onwards and is touring at the moment.

The collaboration with Paul Pritz and Christina Helena Romirer, which has been pursued time and again, has resulted in various exhibitions, as Für morgen ist eine Prognose nicht sinnvoll (Forum Stadtpark 2020), and collective works {Magic Bonus, Bekenntnis und Konfrontation (Pritz, Romirer, Gätjens), Cloudy Predictions (Romirer & Gätjens) and Landing on Planet B (Pritz & Gätjens)}.

As Jens of Horst-Jens Olé they sometimes appear with a mobile telephone booth in the public space that they set up and let it ring to provoke honest and truly anonymous conversations, with their project TELEFONZELLE.


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