Potato Print Dance

Potato Print Dance, LOFFT – DAS THEATER, Leipzig, photo: Thomas Puschmann

lighting design

Potato Print Dance deals with finding ways and solutions to transfer graphics into movement. Self made potato prints with their qualities like form, color and repetition are the basis for choreography, spoken text, light and sound. The performers share and reveal their process and spatial relationship.

Concept & Performance: Nora Frohmann, Clemens Fellmann
Sound: Maike Messer
Light Design: Lena Gätjens
Camera: Albrecht Bloße, Miguel Löhmann
Editing: Leoni Weber
Photos: Thomas Puschmann
@LOFFT – DAS THEATER, Leipzig, Germany, 2021

A production by f_man in co-production with Werkstattmacher e.V., in cooperation with LOFFT – DAS THEATER.

Potato Print Dance, LOFFT – DAS THEATER, Leipzig, photos: Thomas Puschmann

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