Konstellation Betonoase

Konstellation Betonoase, art in architecture project, Berlin Lichtenberg, as part of 333

art in architecture

Konstellation Betonoase
, Facility for Youth and Families, Berlin-Lichtenberg
multi piece work
Three Satellites (Projectors, stainless steel), Meteorit (free standing luminaire, stainless steel, powdercoated metal), Parabol (stainless steel), Four Solarreflectors (installations in the rooflights, stainless steel, aluminium), two maps of the Konstellation Betonoase (anodised, engraved aluminium)
as part of 333 collective

Constellation Betonoase
Oasis is a place in itself within a larger whole, a microcosm. For this own cosmos, Constellation Betonoase conceives elements of a fictitious space system. In space: the designed satellites, solar reflectors, meteorites and comets reflect and transform (light) waves. They speak a language with which they feed the narrative of a fictitious space system. The Constellation Betonoase plaquette represents the connection between the sun, the designed objects and the real space Betonoase (facility for kids, youth and family).

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