Plus Ou Moins Cirque presents: unmeasurement – performance #001-003 (2017) – www.pomc-prod.de unmeasurement – a serie of spatial experimentations with the purpose of locating ourselves between frequencies, distances and time.

Three working tools – the folding rule, the chalk line, and the line laser – are the starting point of a choreographic, spatial, and performative investigation that questions concepts of measurement and explore our room for maneuver. Following the logic of measuring, marking and constructing, the performances expresses the underlying difficulties of an unmeasurable world, the beauty of the indeterminable, and an ongoing struggle to create a system in the midst of a reality impossible to grasp. Through mouvements, balance, acrobatics, object manipulation, projections and actions, the basic forces of physics and our willingness to take risks are examined and choreographed. The predictable failure of “measuring the world” give a focus on indeterminacy, uncertainty and ignorance.