• Für morgen ist eine Prognose nicht sinnvoll

    Three site specific window installations at Forum Stadtpark, Graz, together with Christina Romirer und Paul Pritz: (right to left) Magic Bonus, With the lights out it's less dangerous, Bedenken und Konfrontation; Opening on 29th Feb. '20, St.A.I.R. The works on Für morgen ist ein Prognose nicht sinnvoll deal with spaces in between, the backs of walls and places that are often not visible or accessible. Such as the inside of plasterboard walls, or the back of a billboard. These places have no concrete formulation and are often overlooked, they are something like "blurred spaces". They seem the right place to formulate a need for clarity and security, including the associated thought loops, and to make use of strategies of camouflage and deception.