• Lichtzeug 9350, 7564

    The Artist-in-Residence at a room that..., Spinnerei, Leipzig, concluded with the group exhibition a room that...WHAT?, together with the studio collegues Aleschija Seibt, Verena Schmidt and guest artist Arina Essipowitsch. Two new site specific Lichtzeug were presented for this exhibtion next to Lichtzeug 3758: Lichtzeug 9350 is focussing through a tube the phosphorescent arrow on the floor, a relikt from the times when Spinnerei has been a factory. The Lichtzeug could be moved along two rails, enabeling the viewer to control the exposure of the phosphorescent paint. Probably due to the age of the paint the glow would disappear quite fast (in not even two minutes) completely. The object has been worked out in a close collaboration with Verena Schmidt. A stone piece of her has attached itself parasitically to the Lichtzeug. The half sided blending into the space due to the camouflage paint has been created by Verenas hands. Lichtzeug 7564 was developed in dialogue with Aleschija Seibt. The object is placed in relation to Aleschijas pieces "air choreography" and "choreography of traces". It makes use of the upstreaming, warm air, sitting on top of the room heater. It frames a tinselling, flickering image on the backside of the wall.